In conversation with visual artist, Aramis Hamer

What an absolute joy to reconnect with Aramis Hamer on a cozy afternoon in February 2022. Literally I’m sitting here with a huge smile on my face just thinking about it! She shares her wisdom on creativity, confidence, community, healing, liberation and the big F word…Forgiveness. Not to be missed for a much needed dose of inspiration. [not pictured: both of us using our hands like crazy when deep in it explaining something!]

Here is the video:

And the audio-only version for you listening pleasure 🙂

Seriously inspired over here. I even took notes:

04:20: “I feel like truly color has the power to transform people and bring the light and bring the love in”

07:13: “So I’ve learned that this could be another way to help heal people. But primarily first to heal myself. Because when we heal ourselves, that energy transmits to everybody in our lives and then globally, the world.”

10:20: “The things that really moved the needle was internal work. It wasn’t how many meetings I went to or how many events I went or how many times I posted on social media. The more confident and secure and loving that I was on the inside, it truly started to manifest on the outside.”

11:03: “And then you start to build momentum. Now you build momentum of self confidence, self-worth, self-love and it continues to grow like a small seed.”

12:44: “You have permission to be well.”

13:37 “The minute we realize that healing…that we heal from the inside out, that’s when we can now become co-creators with our healthcare team.”

17:34: “The word is forgiveness. That’s the word.”

18:30: “It’s also forgiveness, but having a level of discernment. Listen to your own intuition and be with a healthcare provider that resonates with you and shares the same values for your philosophies and principles.” 

24:56 “If you ever feel like, what the hell am I doing here? Why am I on earth? Why does this stuff even matter? Be in a group of people who are mission-aligned. It will show you why you’re here.”

26:41 “I feel like darkness reminds us that there’s still light.”

27:23 “Okay it’s dark right now, it’s crazy in the world right now, but it’s even more important for you to shine as bright as humanly possible right now.”

28:49 “Find a circle of people who are truly on the same plane because that is going to keep us sane in this world.”

32:54 “I just want us to remember that we are all source beings and the more that we open up to that, the more healing that can take place in the world.”

34:55 “All the internal turmoil manifests physically.”

39:52 “Part of the liberation process is knowing yourself.”

More on Aramis and her gorgeous artwork here:

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michal pearl is a seattle based singer-songwriter and WA state licensed naturopathic physician. she wants you to feel good about yourself.

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