imperfection session: inheritance

As the sea of life washes over you, like glass washed to the shore
Let it teach and change you, but hold fast to your core.
You will always be wealthy when you know what you are worth
Wealth of knowledge, wealth of friends, what you value on this earth.

Your heart your heart will guide you along your way
Shhh…just listen to what your heart’s trying to say
It may not be easy, may feel safer in your head
But let yourself surrender to your heart instead.

You can believe in magic, be open, overflow
When you love your life it will always show.
Use your imagination, spread your wings and fly
Break out of limitation, you can soar into the sky

Be brave, be confident that you can handle all
The situations that arise however big or small
Rejoice in these adventures, but please always know
You have a safe place to return, no matter how far you go.

music + lyrics by Michal Pearl (with inspiration from my mom’s women’s group)

Published by Michal Pearl

michal pearl is a seattle based singer-songwriter and WA state licensed naturopathic physician. she wants you to feel good about yourself.

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