holistic healthcare with a focus on mental health, including anxiety, chronic stress, depression, sleep issues and addiction recovery.

We take a collaborative approach to uncover the biological basis for your mental health concerns, such as nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues and hormonal imbalance. Additionally, we offer programs for strengthening stress resiliency, such as mindfulness training, craniosacral therapy and biofeedback training. We offer telemedicine appointments to Washington State residents, as well as in-person visits in Seattle, WA. 

Our approach at Inspired Circle Health centers on three concepts that support health empowerment and transformation: Information, Intuition and Inspiration. You can expect to be a respected, active member of your care team as we engage with your health information, nourish your intuition and maintain your inspiration with on-going connection. While each concept plays an important role in each point of your care, we focus our approach into three distinct phases to help you prepare for the adventure ahead.


Connection Call: Before you invest time and treasure into your health, find out if we’d be a good fit to work together. No specific health recommendations will be made during this free fifteen minute phone call.

Information Gathering Appointment: This is our initial visit together when we talk about where you’ve been, where you are and where you’d like to be with your health over the next 3-12 months. We discuss your values and how you understand and measure your health. We look at your current practices, including any medications or supplements you are taking. We review past health information and decide if any more information, such as gathering additional health records, completing a questionnaire or ordering lab tests, would be necessary to help craft your Inspired Circle Care Guide. This visit lasts up to 75 minutes.

Care Guide Crafting Appointment: This visit, scheduled about 2-4 weeks after the first one, is when we review any additional information and go over a proposed Inspired Circle Care Guide to address the root causes of your health concerns. It’s kind of like a travel itinerary for your health plan with points of interest to visit (check-ins, follow-up testing, etc) and lots of room for exploration. You will leave this visit with a clear timeline of how we will work together over the next 3-12 months with built-in adaptability for when things inevitably don’t go as planned. This visit lasts up to 45 minutes.


Transformation takes time. By developing your ability to listen to and trust yourself, you support sustainable improvement to your health. Through our groups, classes, individual visits, as well as aligned referrals, you experience what a balanced nervous system feels like and learn practical tools to reduce the negative effects of stress on your health. Our individual sessions are crafted to what resonates with you and may include any combination of any of the following:

Mindfulness training, craniosacral therapy, heart rate variability biofeedback, coaching, creative expression, as well as ritual and spirituality exploration.


After our initial work together has come to an end, you are invited to continue to participate in ongoing community programs at Inspired Circle Health, such as coaching groups, classes, seasonal DIY health planning and other exciting opportunities.

I feel like I am on a greater mission

To learn to hear my own intuition.

I needed to practice, just like anything else.

This fine art of trusting myself.

But intuition can be kind of hard to find

And it sure can help to have someone remind me

Once in a while of my deepest desire

To live a life that’s truly inspired!

From Michal’s song, Only a Path