costs & benefits

Transparent Fee Schedule (as of October 2021):

Information Gathering Appointment (Initial Visit) $240*

Care Guide Crafting Appointment (Follow-up Visit) $120*

Intuition-Focused Visits $120

Care Guide Re-Assess/Revise Appointment $210*

*These appointments are eligible for out-of-network insurance billing. We are happy to check your benefits and help you with submitting a “super-bill” to your insurance company.

You may be wondering, “how can I be sure that Inspired Circle Health is a good path for an investment in my health”? We hear you. Each of us is constantly navigating this balance of cost & benefit as we choose where to invest our precious time, limited energy and hard-earned money each day. If you’re feeling that spark of “YES!”, then we’d love to hear from you.

We are very aware that one-on-one services are not accessible to everyone who may benefit from working with us. We strive to share our resources by offering low- and no-cost high-quality holistic health education and accessible group opportunities, as well as offering several sliding scale spots in our practice (ask about this during your Connection Call). Those able to pay the full fee help our very small business off-set our sliding scale and health equity volunteer work.

Put the “fun” in funding your care:

Join our e-mail list! We occasionally send out discounts for beta testing of new courses & programs, as well as fun giveaways and the like.

Get the gift of self-care: Gift certificates available in any amount for a holiday, your birthday, life transition, etc. Sometimes a group of loved ones will chip in for someone going through a tough period.

Barter opportunities: Because none of us particularly likes capitalism, anyway. We are always interested in exchanging our work for services such as bodywork, graphic design, digital marketing, etc.